Succeed at making changes to your news and having an impact, with API’s support

When you use Source Matters, you get more than just the software and you do more than just measure your sourcing.

News organizations that do source auditing often tell us they are seeking to answer deeper questions, such as:

  • Can we practice better, more inclusive journalism by tracking the diversity of our sources?
  • How do we become a more culturally competent newsroom?
  • Can we sound and look more like the communities we cover?

Those issues, and more, entail reflection and cultural change in a news organization. It often brings new efforts at community listening, relationship building, and time to develop new sources.

That’s why the American Press Institute supports its Source Matters partners with  advice, training, coaching, and resources to help them make significant changes.

We leaning on API’s experience with programs that support change-management and listening to and serving more diverse audiences — work we do through programs like Table StakesMetrics for News, our Community Listening Fellowship and our Listening & Sustainability Lab.

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