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Why the work matters: Talking about source tracking

Source tracking gives you the opportunity to explain your mission and your journalism to your community and create good newsroom habits. Here’s how to best message this work. Source tracking can be a daunting task, but if you take some time to talk through the process and intended impact with staff first it will only […]


Source Matters Wins Global Media Award In June 2022, just one year after it officially launched, Source Matters was honored with two awards at the International News Media Association’s (INMA) Global Media Awards. Source Matters earned a First Place award in the Best New Digital Product category and was awarded Second Place in the Best […]

No-hassle integration works with any CMS

We built Source Matters with the flexibility to work for any publisher. It doesn’t matter what content-management system you use. And there are no plugins to install or scripts to add to your website. All you’ll need is one or more RSS feeds that contain the content you want us to track. We’ll configure our […]

Analyze source data for certain authors, topics and more

Although you can measure source diversity across a whole publication, change happens at the level of individuals. Each author or team makes choices about what stories they tell and whose voices they include — and the dynamics can be pretty different for people who cover sports, business, community news, or other topics. So the road […]

Dashboards to provide easy insights about your sources

Gathering data about your sources isn’t that helpful if you can’t also use it in easy and meaningful ways. Source Matters provides dashboards that automatically highlight some data insights, to help you see what to pay attention to. They also make it easy for anyone in your newsroom to see which types of people you quote […]

Succeed at making changes to your news and having an impact, with API’s support

When you use Source Matters, you get more than just the software and you do more than just measure your sourcing. News organizations that do source auditing often tell us they are seeking to answer deeper questions, such as: Can we practice better, more inclusive journalism by tracking the diversity of our sources? How do […]

Choose what information to track about your sources

Each publisher and audience is different, and the data about sources should reflect that. Source Matters empowers each news organization to choose what information they want to record about their sources. Some common options include: Race / ethnicity Gender Age Role in the story Location Political party / ideology and more… The choice is yours. […]

Automatic source identification

Source Matters detects all the sources in all of your stories, with 100% automation. We have built advanced natural language processing (NLP) algorithms to have our computers “read” each of your stories and identify which people are quoted or attributed. We can extract thousands of sources from thousands of stories — in just minutes. This […]

Key features

Learn more about how Source Matters helps news organizations track and improve the diversity of sources in their news stories. Click on features to the left to learn more.

About us

Source Matters is an award-winning tool that supports automated, customizable, impactful source diversity tracking by any news organization. It is a product of the American Press Institute, and backed by API’s journalism knowledge and ability to support your organization in identifying and making changes. This practice is often called a “source audit,” or in some […]